Party Decoration Happy Birthday Flag Banners Birthday Garland Banner

Party Decoration Happy Birthday Flag Banners Birthday Garland Banner

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and clarify the theme of the party.

Our background tapestry can be customized according to customer needs. For example, games, movies, sports, etc. Tapestries are made of 100% polyester. The fabric has high strength, impact resistance and strong elasticity. Repeatedly rubbing the fabric can quickly restore its original shape.The printing on the fabric is clear, and fine and fine patterns can be customized.

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Product Parameter

Name Birthday Tapestry
material 100% polyester 
size 100x70cm;150x130;200x150  All size can be customized
Printing OEM/ODM available
Delivery 7-45 days delivery
quotation Within 24 hours after confirming the material, size, quantity, printed content and details

Products Include

The OPP bag will pack the product, and the product includes 13 HAPPY BIRTHDAY cards in English + 5M long beautiful ribbons of the same color.

1. Advanced printing technology, standard trimming, smooth and burr-free.

Use the latest automatic pressing technology to maintain pressure balance, proper tightness, and smoothness.

2. The width of the rope is exquisite, and high-quality raw materials are used.

Variety of colors and colors, the finished product has good color and versatility. Fine texture, smooth and wrinkle-resistant, strong friction.

3. High-quality white card, high-definition printing, hot stamping finishing.

Choose white cardboard made of thick, firm and pure high-quality wood pulp. It has the characteristics of high smoothness, good stiffness, neat appearance and good evenness. It can also be printed on the materials required by customers.

4. Production time.

The exact processing time or custom process requirements based on specific quantities and signs, generally within 7-10 days of delivery.

5. About the price.

The price of customized flags will be determined according to the production process, specifications and quantity, and may be slightly different from the regular price. We will return every customer with the best price-performance ratio.

6. Picture format.

Regular customization only needs to provide Al. PS. CDR and other vector files or JPG high-definition large images for our designers to customize a new style. We will carefully confirm and check with customers in every link such as material materials, design manuscripts, artistic expressions, etc.

Purchase Information

1. About the product:

The products in our shop are all taken in kind. Due to different shooting angles, lighting and printing batches, there may be slight chromatic aberrations. We will send samples to customers before each production to ensure the most efficient execution of orders.

2. Regarding quality:

Every sales person who is connected to the customer will be responsible for the order to the end. They will carefully check the production of your order and provide you with large samples. At the same time, we are also equipped with professional QC to supervise the status of goods production to ensure that the best quality goods can be delivered to customers.

3. About customization:

SIUMAI packaging is equipped with excellent designers to help customers customize the products they need. We will conduct professional docking with customers in terms of materials, design concepts, and design finalization.

4. Regarding after-sales service:

If the product has any quality problems, we will set up a quality inspection team consisting of quality inspection, sales, and managers within 24 hours. In accordance with the process of step1: Preliminary Review; step2: Investigation; step3: Solution, take action within 72 hours to provide customers with satisfactory solutions.

Our Service

-Provide you with free proofing for 1-3 days

-Quick quote: within 24 hours

-Short delivery time: 7-15 days

-The whole factory uses fully automated production equipment and digital printing equipment with refined color management

-ERP management system, scientifically monitor the production status of products

-Quality products and QC two quality sampling inspections

-Efficient and fast after-sales service

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