Our story

since 2002


SIUMAI Packaging was born in Zhejiang Province, one of the most economically developed provinces in China. The city where SIUMAI packaging is located has extremely developed industrial chains such as household appliances, beauty and personal care products, kitchenware, bearings, and auto parts.


According to the characteristics of surrounding industries, we set up the earliest corrugated box factory.


Initially, we produced high-quality corrugated boxes, which were supplied to product packaging to ensure long-distance transportation without damaging the product. 


We use water-based inks to simply print brand logos and markings on corrugated boxes. Because of our focus and persistence on corrugated material and production quality, this gave us a good start to our printing journey.



factory map

Printing started in 2005


In 2005, we purchased the first offset press and began to print and produce high-quality cardboard box packaging.


And began to buy waste cleaning machines, folder gluers, paper cutting machines, etc. to help us increase the output of products and expand the scale of the factory.


And in 2010, we started investing money to produce tube boxes. The paper tube and the box can make up for the defects of the packaging method.

It brings us one step closer to the direction of all-category packaging of paper products.


In 2015, we started to purchase a rigid box production line, which helped us take a step forward in the professional production of packaging boxes.


We have developed into a professional packaging and printing manufacturing factory with UV printing machine, automatic die-cutting machine, automatic hot stamping machine, ultra-high-speed folder gluer and so on. We have been continuously purchasing and improving equipment, replacing advanced automatic equipment to ensure product quality.


Four-color printing machine

           The earliest four-color printing machine

box tube factory

                                                                       Paper tube production line

rigid box machine

                Rigid box gluing machine

Our advantage


Due to the industrial characteristics of the surrounding factories, we are extremely good at mass production of tiny boxes.


At the same time, we are becoming more and more good at doing a full set of packaging production. From product lining, to product box, to mailer box, to shipping box.

One-stop shopping for a full set of product packaging helps customers reduce time costs and communication costs.


Our UV presses are very good at printing with white inks, especially on kraft paper. High precision, highly saturated whites make our prints very beautiful.


The most important thing is that we are very good at printing different effects through the superposition and changes of the process, with different paper.

Our printing experts can use the same source file to print many different artistic effects.

This is pretty amazing.Because it requires a solid foundation of printing technology and a lot of practical experience.

Become an “exquisite” factory


Printed packaging is a highly customized industry. In the current situation of increasingly fierce market competition, our factory needs to find its own competitive advantage and help customers achieve the effect of perfect brand packaging.

After 20 years of precipitation in the printing and packaging industry, our team began to rethink the future development policy of the factory.


*We make sure that every current employee has years of experience in box making. Every employee has a responsible attitude to complete the production of the packaging box.


*We make every box with the mentality of producing the perfect artwork.


*We are committed to helping customers complete one-stop shopping for packaging. From offset to digital, customers can get innovative print and packaging solutions that perfectly fit their product and budget. Consumers are drawn to take a closer look with eye-catching metallic foils, embossing, UV coating and several other printing methods and techniques applied to the complete look of the custom printed box.


*We recognize the importance of sustainable development. All our packaging is in line with the pursuit of environmental protection, and adhere to the [remove plastic] program. Replace plastic packaging with paper material with perfect design.