Printing pattern design

                                                                                     Regarding printing pattern design, we usually offer two options.



 Based on the premise that we are a factory, we are not particularly good at pattern design compared to structural design.

Each company and each customer has his own corporate culture and core development pursuits.

We believe that the company's design department will better design works of art that fit the company's brand culture and develop ideas.

Likewise, each country's culture and popular patterns differ from each other.

We respect the culture of each country, if you are looking for an excellent graphic design studio in your own country to design, this may help you to have packaging that is more in line with local market trends.

As a factory, we can provide relevant process advice and production feasibility guidance for art works.



 If you have not found a very suitable pattern art design expert for the time being. No relationship, we have established a deep ally with the design studio of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.

It is a one of Chinese key university founded in 1897. There are super-class design students in it.

We hope to provide students with employment opportunities through their role in society and help them show the most wonderful and innovative artistic creations to the society.

You only need to pay a certain design fee to the designer, and communicate the style and ideas of good intentions, and the design plan will be given to you within two weeks. Click to receive the artwork design communication details form.

Of course, no matter which option you choose, we will prepare your design for further pre-press production. These include:

 *Files must be printed four-color files in CMYK (can include Pantone spot colors)


*If the design is rich in color, it is recommended to reduce the Pantone color, which will help improve the accuracy of the printed color. If you don't use many colors and the monochromatic color block area is large, it is recommended to use Pantone colors.


*Black text, please use monochrome black when designing (C:0;M:0;Y:0;K:100)


*Check whether the bleed of the printed document is correct, usually 3mm out of the dieline.


* Whether all texts are turned to curves. The fonts downloaded in the software of each computer are different. We need to convert the text into curved outlines before sending the design files.


*Printing pattern, text must be 300DPI or above, the format is CDR, AI vector graphics. It is not recommended to make design files in PS, as there will be jaggedness and blurred edges after printing.


*Printing the same color on paper of different materials will show different color blocks, we need to carry out special file processing according to different printing paper.


*The more processing steps will increase the time cost of production, we need to make a reasonable printing plan.


 and many more


The pre-printing work requires our experts to be attentive and professional at all times.
We seek to help you turn your packaging wishes into reality and working hard until you are satisfied!


                           CMYK check

Four-color color matching manual

          Four-color color matching manual

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