Pre-order preparation

What should I do if I need to order a box, but I don't have a specific idea?


Well, don't worry.

You can mail us the product that needs to be packaged or tell us the specific product size.

We will inquire about the number of packaging per box, sales channels, customer groups, etc. to recommend the most cost-effective packaging method.


Can only businesses order?


Anyone can order a box from us and we'll be happy to serve you.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?


Most of the products do not have a minimum order quantity, but the price will be higher if the relative quantity is small.

In addition, we need to spend a lot of time to find some special materials, which may require a little MOQ.


Where are your boxes made?


Our boxes are produced in China.

Our factory has been established in China for 22 years, with rich experience in printing and box manufacturing.

Our factory is very close to the ports of Ningbo and Shanghai, and the shipping is very convenient.



Do you provide samples?


Yes. We will provide samples for reference.

We encourage customers to obtain samples to check whether the material and style are consistent with their needs before placing an order.

What kind of samples do you provide?


We can provide material samples (only for checking the materials used in box making), size samples (boxes without printing, only for box size proofing), digital printing samples (colors displayed by digital printing), pre-production samples ( printed on an offset press, including finishing).

Are samples free?


Material samples and size samples are free (some special materials will charge a certain fee).

We will charge a certain fee for the samples with printing according to the actual situation.

Since we need to prepare many kinds of samples for customers every day, the freight also needs to be borne by customers.

Do you offer box styles not listed on your website?

Sure, we can manufacture cartons according to the samples you provide.

Or customize the style of the box for you according to your actual packaging.

Order and price

What conditions do you base your quotation on?


Our quotation is based on the printing source documents you provide, the quantity of a single order, box material, box size, printing surface treatment, finishing and other details.

How long can you provide a quote?


Usually, we will arrange a packaging expert to make a quotation for you within 24 hours after confirming all the details.

Do you charge for plates and dies? Are there any hidden costs?


Our quotation is inclusive of all fees, no additional fees are incurred.


Do you check my artwork for technical issues like alignment and image resolution?


Yes, we will carefully check the printing source files you provide to ensure that the printing can be carried out smoothly.

We strictly demand ourselves with high quality, and will check all patterns and texts.


Can you provide us with more professional printing advice?


Yes, we will give our professional opinions on the color filling, finishing methods, etc. after carefully checking your printing source files.

To help the box achieve the best printing effect.

Can you print with white ink?



We often encounter new customers telling us that the white ink printed by the previous supplier was not the correct color and that the white on the print was not white enough.

We have extensive experience printing white, especially on kraft paper. If you need to print white ink, please feel free to contact us!

Do you offer foil printing?


Yes, we offer foil printing.

We print aluminum foil labels, gold and silver paper cards, laser paper and more.



Are your products made from recycled materials?


The materials we use are all environmentally friendly and recyclable, and we take environmental protection issues very seriously.



Are the inks you use environmentally friendly?


The ink we use is environmentally friendly UV ink, which not only does not pollute the environment, but also does not cause any physical harm to the printing workers during the printing process.



How long is your production time?


Usually the production time for our order is about 10-12 days.

The specific production time will be most reasonably planned according to the quantity and process of the order.


Will I receive proof before my box goes into production, in production, out of production?


Yes, we will arrange for a packaging specialist to track your order.

Before production, we will send a production confirmation to check with you to reconfirm the details of printing and production. In production, we will inform you of the specific steps of production and detect color difference.

After production, we take pictures of the finished product and pack the carton before shipping.


Payment and shipping

How is your payment method?


Usually we are 30% deposit and 70% full payment.

We also accept T/T, L/C and other payment methods for customers who have cooperated and gained mutual trust.

How do you choose the shipping method and my shipping cost?


First of all we need you to provide us with the delivery address, we will evaluate the delivery method (train, plane, sea) according to the quantity, such as TNT, FEDEX, DHL, UPS and so on.

If it is by sea by container, we will check the freight according to your receiving port, combined with the flat area and total volume of the carton, and calculate the freight cost of each carton to help you evaluate the purchase of cartons from China costs.