Structural design

What is structural design?



The structural design of the packaging box is to design the internal and external structure of the packaging through scientific principles to help the product have a beautiful and reasonable packaging effect.


The specific product being packaged

The packaged products are different in volume, shape, quantity, etc.

The packaging box needs to design the internal memory according to the product, and reserve a reasonable and sufficient space to store the product.

You can send the product that needs to be packaged to our factory, and we will arrange a packaging expert to design it for you.

Product fixed lining

                      Customized suitable lining according to the product

In order to better scientifically design products, we need to consider the following at the same time:

Protection of products

Now the cross-border trade, express delivery, and logistics industries are more and more developed.

After the product is produced, it needs to go through a series of circulation channels such as packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, storage, and display.

At the same time, during transportation, climate, transportation environment, etc. will have an impression on the packaging. Our experts need to take into account how protective the packaging is to the product when designing the packaging structure.

According to the quality and material of the product, experts will test the load capacity, pressure resistance, and falling from a height that the packaging can withstand. We try our best to provide the best packaging design solutions to our customers.

The attention of packaging

The conspicuousness of the packaging is very important.

When all the goods are placed on the shelf, usually the packaging that catches the customer's eye the most will attract customers to increase their purchases the fastest.

Most packaging experts will focus on the printing side of the packaging, attracting customers through different processes such as bronzing.

But in fact, we can also attract customers by designing the external structure of the packaging. Shaped packaging can quickly stand out, this is a very straightforward way.

 The rationality of the structure

This is the area where our packaging experts do best.

Many non-package designers ignore the rationality of actual production when conceiving designs.

If these are not considered in the design, the work efficiency in actual production will be greatly reduced, which will add a lot of hidden costs to the product.

But in fact, we can also attract customers by designing the external structure of the packaging. Shaped packaging can quickly stand out, this is a very straightforward way.

Bottled fixed liner

                        Protective bottle lining


                                                             Double protection and display

mailer box lining

                         Product set lining

How to Expand Structural Design

♦If you have structural design requirements, please send an email to, our packaging experts will contact you within 24 hours.


♦After further communication with you, a general assessment of your needs will be made, and you will be informed of the design cost of the project by email (if you place an order for mass production in the future, the design cost will be fully returned to you)


♦After confirming the structural design order, please send the product to us, our product experts will start to design and provide you with a plan within 7 days.


♦Each order has three chances of free modification, once approved we will provide you with quotation for mass production.


♦If you need to obtain samples of structural design, please refer to the sample acquisition method.

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