Why choose UV printing technology to customize rigid boxes

Why choose UV printing technology to customize rigid boxes

When the image and text on the surface of the package are UV coated, they take on the appearance of a jewel and become more prominent and luxurious. Not only does this make custom rigid boxes look more attractive, but it also draws the attention of people who are shopping.

UV coating in rigid boxes

Printing with UV ink, also known as UV offset ink, allows for the production of UV-coated paper packaging. This printing method employs the same operating principle as offset printing.

The printing technology for UV coating is a step up from traditional offset printing in terms of complexity and level of detail. Because it is necessary to have a UV ink drying system such as a UV lamp system as well as other processes such as flame, plasme, and UV nitro treatment in order to make UV ink stick on the surface of metalized paper.

People typically use UV printing to create shadows, lumpy, sandblasting, or braille on the surface of the product packaging in order to create details on the selected image. Other techniques that can be used include braille. When the details are UV-coated, it will give the products intense artistic feelings as well as unique and strange nuances. Particularly with regard to products used for packaging like paper boxes.

Methods of UV coating shaping the rigid boxes

Printing in full UV, printing in partial UV, and printing in UV by using ink formulated specifically for UV exposure are the three most common applications of UV coating.

Businesses select either a full or partial UV coating type for their products based on the intended use of the product. With the technique of partial UV coating, we only concentrate on the textures of things like logos and images. When printing with partial UV, we are able to combine the logo embossing technique with the printing process to produce a unique highlight for rigid boxes.

In contrast, when using technology that allows for full UV coating, companies should have UV printing applied to the entirety of the paper box’s surface. Because of this, there will be a significant increase in the cost of printing due to the higher cost of UV ink compared to the cost of conventional offset ink.

As a result, the UV printing method is typically utilized for the majority of high-end luxury rigid boxes, including but not limited to cosmetic boxes, jewelry boxes, and gift packaging.

Enhance brandname with UV printing technology

Because of its allure, one-of-a-kind quality, and high level of sophistication, the UV printing method is used by a great number of businesses for the production of their own branded printing rigid box publications. As a result, the use of this printing technology is becoming increasingly popular in the competitive market that exists within the printing industry.


Post time: Sep-06-2022