Wholesale Custom Logo Printed Strong Bopp Carton Shipping Packing  Tape

Wholesale Custom Logo Printed Strong Bopp Carton Shipping Packing Tape

Short Description:

Adhesive tape is usually used for packing and sealing, and ordinary transparent tape plays the role of sealing. The advantage of the adhesive tape with brand logo printing is that it can also play a publicity role for the enterprise. This is a brand promotion method with a very wide audience. When the brand uses scotch tape with logo, the personnel during transportation, when it is placed on the shelf, and when the cartons are recycled and reused, they all have the effect of brand promotion.

The adhesive tape is made of BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film as the base material through heating acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has the characteristics of strong adhesion, good toughness, not easy to break, strong hardness, and tight winding.

Product Detail

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packaging tape

Product Parameter

Style BOPP adhesive Packaging Tape
size All Custom Sizes Available
MOQ 500 pcs
Printing CMYK Colors, Pantone spot color
Adhesive type Carton sealing, masking, electric tape
quotation Within 24 hours after confirming the material, size, quantity, printed content and details

Product Details

1.Stickiness, new upgrade, durable stickiness and strong toughness

Using pressure sensitive glue, you don't need to worry about package damage and goods loss because the adhesive tape is not sticky. Always pay attention to quality, smooth and easy to break.

2. printing clear laser engraving "picture goods" consistent

Gravure laser engraving galvanized plate printing, engraving master one plate engraving, to ensure customer's design integrity, beautiful, clear and content of accuracy and stability.

3. The tensile force is strong and the adhesive is wound tightly enough

The adhesive tape will not be broken under strong tensile force. Say goodbye to the defective products that will be broken once they are pulled. The strong tensile force makes it difficult for you to break them. BOPP high toughness film, new material with "create character", so that you do not need to worry about deformation, hollow out.

Adhesive Tape Instructions

1. All the tapes in our shop are high adhesive tapes. It is recommended to pack them with sealers when using.

2. When sealing the carton, it is recommended to press the glue with the roller of the carton sealer as far as possible, or smoothen the glue by hand, so that the glue of the tape can better fit the carton

3. Please pay attention when unpacking, unpacking should be careful, do not let the blade scratch the surface of the tape, because once there is a scratch on the surface of the tape, it will be easy to break.

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