Party Backdrop Decorations Party Supplies Long Balloon Banner

Party Backdrop Decorations Party Supplies Long Balloon Banner

Short Description:

Long strips of latex balloons are often used in the background, placed under the flag.

Although they are all elongated balloons, their shapes are different. The balloons are bright in color and are made of high-quality natural rubber. Made of high-quality natural rubber. The balloon is soft, full of elasticity and good forming.

Balloons can be used to make objects of various shapes. Increase the fun of the party.

Product Detail

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Tubes Type

1 (3)
1 (4)
1 (1)

Product Parameter

Name Latex ballnoon
material Latex

packaging size

Printing OEM/ODM available
Delivery 7-45 days delivery
quotation Within 24 hours after confirming the material, size, quantity, printed content and details

How to identify the quality of latex balloons?


It mainly depends on whether the surface of the balloon is smooth and even, whether the color is uniform, whether there are protrusions on the surface of the balloon, whether there are defects in the inflation port, whether the printing on the balloon is clear, and whether the color is uniform. If all of the above are problematic, then the quality of this balloon is undoubtedly relatively poor.


Touch the thickness of the balloon to see if the thickness of the balloon is thick enough. Only thick balloons will be safer during use after being inflated. Thinner balloons are more likely to rupture or burst after inflation, so the balloon’s Thickness is very important, you must choose a thick and strong balloon to make it, so as to ensure safety.

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