Why is UV ink more environmentally friendly?

Why is UV ink more environmentally friendly?


    SIUMAI packaging is printed with UV ink throughout our factory. We often receive inquiries from customers What is traditional ink? What is UV ink? What is the difference between them? From the customer’s standpoint, we are more willing to choose a more reasonable printing process with better effect and lower cost.


*Difference between traditional ink and UV ink

    Simply put, the biggest difference between the two inks is in the drying method and the printing method. Traditional ink printing will spray a layer of powder on the paper after printing, so that when the paper and the paper are overlapped, there is a layer of diaphragm in the middle to prevent the ink from sticking and Makes ink dry faster. Traditional inks take a certain amount of time to dry after printing. If this layer of powder is not sprayed, the ink on the paper will tend to stick together and ruin the entire print.


* Differences in printing range

    If it is printed and sprayed with normal procedures, it will take about a day to completely dry. Of course, some papers will have a shorter drying time. Traditional inks can only be printed on paper, but cannot be printed on plastic or other materials. On the contrary, UV inks have many printing materials, so the price of UV inks is also higher.


*Principle and application of UV ink drying

    The UV printing ink is added with a reactant that interacts with ultraviolet light. During the printing process, the step of illuminating the ultraviolet light will be added, so that the ink can be dried instantly, and the next step of processing or shipment can be carried out immediately after printing. The printed surface will be exceptionally smooth. UV inks have excellent adhesion properties on almost any material surface, such as polyethylene, vinyl, styrene, polycarbonate, glass, metal, etc. In addition, if you want to print on colored paper or material, as long as you add a layer of white ink to the surface, there is no need to worry that the printing color will collide with the color of the material.



    When the UV ink is printed, the ink adheres to the surface of the substrate, and the energy of the photoinitiator is excited by the ultraviolet irradiation, and the polymerization reaction occurs with the oligomer and monomer in an instant to cure the conjunctiva. UV curable ink does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC3), so it does not cause pollution to the atmosphere and harm to the human body. It dries only when exposed to UV light, and the perfor  mance remains stable even after long-term storage in the ink fountain.


    UV ink has a fast drying speed and can be dried immediately after printing. It can not only shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, save energy and high efficiency, but also cancel the powder spraying device of the offset printing machine, which greatly improves the working environment. Because UV ink dries quickly, it will not penetrate into the substrate, and will not affect the inherent quality of the substrate, especially suitable for color printing of packaging products.

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Post time: Apr-27-2022