White ink printing on kraft paper packaging

White ink printing on kraft paper packaging

    White looks clean and fresh. When designing packaging, the large-scale use of this color will bring a unique sense of design and publicity to the product display.

    When printed on kraft packaging, it gives a clean, on-trend look. It has proven to be applicable to the packaging of almost any product and has a strong memory point for the customer.


    However, due to the natural color of kraft paper, the surface of yellow-brown paper is rough and very easy to absorb ink. It does not have the characteristics of smooth and oily surface of white card and coated paper. Due to the poor coloring adsorption capacity of white ink itself, it is difficult to achieve a very white effect when white printing on kraft paper. Especially the kraft paper that has been dyed, such as black, red and other dark tones, it is more difficult to achieve a whiter effect. Sometimes we find that white is very beautiful just after printing, and when we look at it after a while, we will find that the white ink is absorbed by the paper, and the color fades.

    What can we do to get the white color to the desired saturation? Through many attempts by the SIUMAI packaging professional printing press captain, the following methods have been obtained:

1.  Use cover type white ink and increase the amount of white ink.

2.  Increase the number of prints, increase the number of prints to 2-3 times.

3.  Slow down the printing press. Because the adhesion of white ink is relatively poor, the running speed of the printing press should not be too fast. It is advisable to control around 9,500 sheets per hour, not more than 12,000 sheets per hour. In this way, the white will be very white, very white, as white as snowflakes, very beautiful.

4.  You can choose silk screen printing, the effect of silk screen white ink is very good. The printing effect is thick and full of color. The only downside is that the efficiency is lower than that of a printing press, and the cost is high.


    White ink printing on kraft packaging is one of our favorite new packaging trends. We’re happy to help our customers try it out and they’ve used it with great success. If you’re interested in trying the benefits of white on kraft paper, I’m sure you’ll get a different result.


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Post time: May-01-2022