The arrival of the KOMORI six-color printing press

The arrival of the KOMORI six-color printing press

The arrival of the KOMORI six-color printing press has injected fresh blood into our printing factory, greatly expanding the range of substrates, and can meet the special surface treatment effects of cosmetics and other printed materials, such as the reverse effect of special materials. Such as gold and silver cardboard and PVC. Help us mass produce UV printing products. Whether it is partial UV or reverse UV, we can achieve fully automatic and efficient operation. With a printing speed of 16,500 sheets per hour, we improve our production efficiency.

The UV inks we use can dry instantly and do not contain any volatile solvents, helping us to achieve zero discharge of industrial waste, which makes us very looking forward to and excited.

Compared with ordinary ink, the application characteristics of UV ink have many advantages.

(1)Instant curing, high production efficiency.

(2) It does not contain volatile solvents; there will be no solvents to corrode and damage the printed matter; it will not pollute the human body and the environment.

(3) The ink will not get stuck in the net, and can print high-quality lines with very fine meshes.

(4)The ink concentration is stable, and there will be no unevenness due to different concentrations in a certain adjustment.

(5) The ink will not dry out, and there is no solvent peculiar smell.

(6) The light curing speed is extremely fast, the UV equipment is small in size, and the space in the workshop is small.

(7) The heat emitted by the UV lamp will not damage the printed matter that is resistant to heat.

UV offset printing ink has a high solid content, and the ratio of pigment to binder before curing is similar to that of ordinary offset printing ink, so it was first applied in offset printing. UV offset printing ink curing has no penetration problem, not only can be printed on paper, but also can be printed on non-absorbent printing materials.


Post time: Apr-03-2021