Several points need to be noticed in packaging desgin

Several points need to be noticed in packaging desgin

1. Packaging layout design

Packaging has become an inseparable part of modern commodity production, as well as a competitive weapon. Excellent packaging design can not only protect commodities, but also attract consumers' attention, increasing commodity competitiveness. The packaging appearance design is an integral part of the layout design, and the packaging design consists of three elements: text, graphics, and color.

2. The function of packaging

Packaging is everywhere, and it forms an organic whole with the commodity. The role of packaging is not trivial; it serves not only as protection, but also as convenience, sales, and corporate image promotion.

*Defense function

Protection is the most fundamental and important function of packaging. Packaging must not only protect the product from physical damage, but also from chemical and other damage. Furthermore, to prevent damage from the outside in.

oleo packaging

                                                                      The packaging design of the OLEO brand well protects the tank inside the box

*Convenience feature

The convenience function refers to how easy it is to carry, transport, store, and use the packaging. An excellent packaging design should be people-oriented and designed from the perspective of users, which can not only make consumers feel humanistic care, but also increase consumer favorability of products.

spark plug

                                                                        This design is very good to help customers pick up the product

*The sales function

Packaging is a sharp tool for market competition in today's increasingly fierce market competition. Excellent packaging design can capture consumers' attention, increasing market competitiveness. Manufacturers, for example, always use "new packaging, new listing" to attract customers, which is the most common performance of improving competitiveness through packaging.

*Improve corporate image

Packaging is now included in one of the company's 4P strategies (Position , Product , Package , Price ), demonstrating the importance of packaging in enhancing corporate image. Packaging design is an important means of establishing the affinity between products and consumers; therefore, excellent packaging design can improve an enterprise's image in the minds of consumers while promoting products.

 3. The following is the packaging text

The importance of text in layout design goes without saying; the arrangement of text should be coordinated and unified with the overall style of the packaging. The brand name, description text, and advertising text are all included in the packaging layout's text.

*Name of the brand

Packaging is also an important part of corporate publicity, and emphasizing the brand name is one way to publicize the company. The brand name is usually placed in the visual center of the package and is very eye-catching and prominent. Furthermore, the brand name will have a strong decorative effect as well as a strong visual impact.

nibbo chocolate

                                The design of NIBBO chocolate packaging box puts the brand name in the most eye-catching place of the box,

                                                                             which increases the customer's memory very well

*Description text

The description text typically contains a large number of words, and its typesetting should be clear and easy to read in order for consumers to feel confident. Instructions are frequently printed on the package's non-visual center, such as the side or back.

*Advertising term

Advertising is an important form of public relations. Including advertising words on the packaging can help to promote the product's content and characteristics. The advertising words on the general packaging are outstanding, flexible, and diverse, and can make people feel good and happy after reading, generating interest in the product and achieving the purchase goal.

4. Packaging design abilities

On the shelf, the packaging acts as a silent salesperson. In recent years, market competition has been fierce, and more people are attempting to make it serve a sales function. How can packaging's sales function be improved? It is possible to accomplish this by focusing on the three points listed below.


                                                  Arielleshoshana's perfume packaging design is wonderful, combining colors, typography, styles, etc.

                                                                                      ingeniously to form a very brilliant brand packaging

* To stand out in a display environment, the color, pattern, shape, and other aspects of the packaging must be distinguishable from other similar products.

* The style of product packaging is determined by the product's positioning, and the style of packaging must conform to the aesthetics of consumer groups.

* Additional value can be added to the packaging design based on the channel and price difference. High-quality handbags, for example, can be used to increase the rate of repeated use.

Post time: Nov-16-2022