Mobile phone and mobile phone accessories packaging trends

Mobile phone and mobile phone accessories packaging trends

With the advent of the Internet era, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people’s lives, and many derivative industries have also been born in the mobile phone industry. The rapid replacement and sales of smart phones have made another related industry, the mobile phone accessories industry, develop rapidly.

    Consumer demand for high-capacity memory cards and batteries, as well as smartphone gear such as headphones. In addition to the high matching rate of necessary accessories for mobile phones such as batteries, chargers, Bluetooth headsets, memory cards, and card readers, mobile power banks, car chargers, and car Bluetooth are also very popular. According to the data released by the customs, from January to November 2020, the import value of my country’s mobile phone accessories industry was 5.088 billion US dollars, the export value was 18.969 billion US dollars, and the total import and export volume and trade surplus were 24.059 billion US dollars and 13.881 billion US dollars respectively.

WechatIMG2129    At the same time, the demand for packaging of mobile phone accessories has also increased rapidly. The mobile phone accessories industry is a three-dimensional industry integrating design, technology and marketing. The packaging box needs to match the advantages of the product, and convey the high quality of the product to the customer through the packaging medium.

   Mobile phone accessories companies design the packaging of mobile phone accessories according to the positioning of the products.


   We summarize the characteristics of the mobile phone and mobile phone accessories box:

   1. The main color of the packaging box is designed according to the customer population of mobile phone accessories. For example, packaging for business people is usually black or cool. With bronzing and other processes to highlight the sense of luxury. The younger crowd is usually designed with rich colors or vibrant colors such as laser paper.

   2. There are many kinds of mobile phone accessories, and high-quality products usually use thick gray board paper to improve the texture of the overall packaging. Due to the importance of environmental protection in the current environment, the use of plastic packaging materials in the overall product packaging is less and less, and the material used to fix the data cable no longer uses the common plastic lining in the past, but uses cardboard lining; The main component of the accessory packaging is changed from plastic film to paper film; there is also a seal attached to the charging box, and the inner support of the headset is lined with cardboard.

   3. The packaging of all mobile phones and accessories is taking the route of lightweight packaging, and the weight of most mobile phone color boxes is about 20% lighter than the previous generation. Based on the total production and sales of mobile phones and accessories, this environmental protection change can reduce a lot of carbon dioxide emissions and plastic pollution every year.

Post time: Apr-21-2022