Advantages of corrugated boxes

Advantages of corrugated boxes

    Corrugated boxes are widely used packaging products. According to different materials, there are corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc., with various specifications and models. There are three layers and five layers commonly used in cartons, and seven layers are used less frequently. Each layer is divided into lining paper, corrugated paper, core paper, and face paper. The color and feel are different, and the paper (color, feel) produced by different manufacturers is also different.


Below are the advantages of corrugated boxes that we have summarized.

1. Good buffer performance. The special corrugated structure of corrugated board ensures the hardness of corrugated board. 60~70% of the volume in the cardboard structure is empty, which has good shock absorption performance. During transportation, it can effectively prevent product collision, and can avoid collision and impact of packaged items.

2. Light and firm. Corrugated cardboard is a hollow structure, which uses the least material to form a larger rigid box, so it is light and firm. Compared with a wooden box of the same volume, it is only about half the weight of a wooden box.

3. Small size. Corrugated boxes can be folded during transportation, which reduces the transportation volume and reduces logistics costs. When in use, it turns into a carton when opened. This is much less logistical cost than a wooden box of the same volume.

4. Sufficient raw materials and low cost. There are many raw materials for the production of corrugated cardboard, such as corner wood, bamboo, wheat straw, reed and so on. Therefore, the production cost is low, only about half of the same volume of wooden boxes.

5. It is convenient for automatic production. A complete set of automatic corrugated box production lines have been manufactured, which can produce corrugated boxes in large quantities and efficiently. The use of corrugated boxes to package goods is convenient for the automation of commodity packaging, which greatly reduces the workload of packaging, saves a certain amount of labor costs, and is more convenient for automated production. Therefore, the current assembly line can produce corrugated boxes in large quantities.

6. Low cost of packaging operation. Packing items in corrugated boxes is easy to realize automatic packaging of items, which reduces the workload of packaging and reduces packaging costs.

7, can pack a variety of items. The corrugated box itself has a wide range of packaging items, but if it is manufactured in combination with various coverings and moisture-proof materials, it can greatly expand the scope of use, such as moisture-proof corrugated boxes can pack fruits and vegetables; plus plastic film can be packaged easily moisture-absorbing items; Using a plastic film liner, a sealed package can be formed in the box to package liquids, semi-fluid items, etc.

8. Less metal consumption. Most of the corrugated boxes do not use any metal nails. Large-sized cartons will use metal nails, and glue can also be used instead. Compared with the manufacturing process of wooden boxes, the amount of metal nails is greatly reduced.

9. Good printing performance. In printing, corrugated boxes have excellent ink absorption capacity, which is very beneficial to the drawing of advertisements and reduces the consumption of metals.

10. Recyclable and reused. Corrugated boxes can be reused many times, reducing environmental pollution.

Post time: May-05-2022